Each fall, our rowers rake leaves and perform other, similar household tasks (which will not involve power tools, ladders, or any other hazardous elements) for people in our community. The fundraiser will take place November 9This year, we have scheduled both a morning and afternoon session in hopes of maximizing potential jobs.

We are asking each rower to sign up for at least one job (am or pm on Sunday). However, rowers are strongly encouraged to do two. There will be breakfast and lunch provided before the rowers depart for each job.

Contact Emily Rockett ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Fall Regatta Schedule

  • Intrasquad Regatta (Saturday, 9/27/14)
  • Head of the Genessee, Rochester, NY (Sunday, 10/5/14) - masters, varsity, and novice squads
  • Chargers ROWStrong Regatta, Syracuse, NY (Sunday, 10/12/14) - masters, varsity, and novice squads
  • Head of the Charles, Boston, MA (Race is Sunday,10/19/14, travel is Saturday) - masters, varsity boys A boat, and varsity boys 2x
  • Head of the Fish, Saratoga Springs, NY (Saturday and Sunday, 10/25-26/14) - masters, varsity, novice
  • Pull the Plug, Pittsford, NY (11/2/14) - varsity, novice

Summer Update

This summer, CBC competed at the Independence Day Regatta in Philadelphia, Cromwell Cup in Boston, the Royal Canadian Henley in St. Catherines, Ontario, and US Masters National in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Below are the results in chronological order from this summer's regattas.

Independence Day Regatta is a large regatta in Philadelphia with crews from as far away as Sarasota, Florida and Ottawa, Ontario.  Three days of racing are capped with a college recruiting fair with 45 coaches from rowing programs across the country.  This was CBC's first year at IDR.
Gold at IDR (IDR recognizes first place with a watch instead of a medal.):
  • Colin Sharp-O'Connor and Henry Ellis racing the 2x won a watch. 
  • The Men's Jr 4x rowed by Patrick Skawski, Gray Glaubitz, Max Sheiman, and Matt Kehoe.
  • The Men's Jr 1x rowed by Carver Jordan. 
  • Carrie D'Aprix and Rosie Torcivia rowing the Girls Jr 2x.
  • Clara Karastury and Marlena Doerr rowing the Girls Jr 2x. 
Also racing:
  • Katie White and Alex Kilts rowing the double.
  • Alex de Roos and Izzy Comella rowing the double.
  • Julian Ohta and Felix Fernandez-Penny rowing the double. 
  • Aleta Tessaglia-Hymes, Desiree Van Brunt, Gabrielle Duffet, and Eleanor Glahn rowing the 4x. 
  • Martin Van Der Heide (masters) rowed the 1x. 
  • John Tauzel (masters) rowed the 1x.
  • Drew Tennant (former CBC Head Coach and masters) rowed the 1x. 
Cromwell Cup in Boston is the largest summer regatta on the Charles.  Last year, CBC raced and won.  This year, CBC continued the tradition with numerous golds. 
Gold at Cromwell:


  • John Tauzel racing in the 1x in the Mens Masters A
  • Marty Van Der Heide racing in the 1x in the Mens Masters C
  • Gray Glaubitz and Matt Kehoe racing the double. 
  • Henry Ellis racing the single. 
  • Mens Jr 1x raced by Colin Sharp O'Connor
  • Girls Jr 4+ raced by Hallie Malina, S: Alex de Roos, Alex Kilts, Izzy Comella, Ellie Glahn finished 4th. 
  • Women's Open 4x raced by S: Julia Barrett, Clara Karastury, Marlena Doerr, Lizzy Barrett finished 3rd. 
  • Women's Jr 2x raced by Rosie Torcivia and Carrie D'Aprix finished 2nd. 
Also racing:
  • Mens Jr 2x raced by Carver Jordan and Felix Fernandez-Penny
  • Mens Jr 2x raced by Gregg Tripp and Max Sheiman
  • Mens Jr 2x raced by Julian Ohta and Galen Marteal
  • Mens Jr 1x raced by Patrick Skawski
  • Mens Jr 1 x raced by Jason Lee
  • Mens Open 1x raced by Martin Van Der Heide (masters)
  • Mens Open 1x raced by John Tauzel (masters)

Jr. National World Championship Trials, held in Princeton, NJ, determine who represents the USA at the Junior World Championship in Hamburg, Germany.  Henry Ellis placed second in the 1x.

The Royal Canadian Henley is one of the largest and most competitive regattas in North America with crews arriving from as far away as South America and British Columbia.  For the first time that anyone can recall in CBC history, juniors won Henley Gold. Henry Ellis won gold in the 1x and Colin Sharp O'Connor and Henry Ellis won in the 2x.   

Masters rower Marty Van Der Heide won Henley gold in the 1x. 

To get a feel for the atmosphere at Henley, below are some links as well as the press release detailing the full Henley results.

A few weeks later, master CBC rower, Marty Van Der Heide finished the summer season on the podium at the US Masters National Championships in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a silver and a bronze medal in the B and C 1x races.


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